Basic VLSI Course (6-Weeks)

About the Course

  • The course covers basics of VLSI that guides aspiring student/graduates from theoretical book based knowledge to actual real-world scenarios.

  • Digital design enables logic gates to form a circuit design which is further written in hardware description language using Verilog where the RTL code is converted into gate level circuit design (synthesized) that is in software form to be programmed in FPGA ensuring the design developed works well enough.

  • A short-term project gives hands-on experience working with FPGA under the guidance of industry experts.

Course Objectives

  • Clear concepts and brush up basics of digital design.

  • Develop Strong knowledge in Verilog.

  • Learn practical methods to program FPGA.

  • Become familiar to use Linux based environment.

  • Course Duration: 6 weeks

Why to do Basic VLSI Course/summer Training?

  • Project based learning.

  • Practical oriented.

  • Course taught by industry professionals and experts.

Who should go for this course?

  • Passionate graduates or students pursuing engineering with basic knowledge of digital electronics, who would like to explore the ever-growing field of VLSI.


  • Basics of Digital electronics and programming fundamentals.

Course Content

1. Linux OS

2. Digital Design

3. Verilog

4. FPGA with Mini Project

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