Steps to Build Career in VLSI

Step No 1: Concept building + Basic knowledge Building:

Concepts/Basics are most important for this field. If you are from Electronics background or From Computer Background, then you should have in-depth understanding of the following topics.

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What is UVM - A High-level overview

In 2002 eRM (e-Reuse Methodology) from Verisity is introduced that provided rules for building reusable, consistent, extensible and Plug and Play verification environments. In 2003 RVM (Reuse Verification Methodology) from Synopsis for Vera verification language is introduced it included base classes, message capabilities and packing guidelines.

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How To Get Ready For VLSI/ Semiconductor Industry??

Today, VLSI devices are found everywhere around us. We find VLSI chips in our cell phones, household appliances, cameras, cars, and in even medical devices.

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Similarities between C and Verilog

Verilog is a hardware description language, rooted back in 1984 by "Gateway Design Automation". A HDL (hardware description language) is a language which is serves the purpose of designing hardware.

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Verilog vs. System Verilog

VERILOG (Verification Logic) [IEEE STD 1364-2005] is a digital Hardware Description Language (HDL) where block of code gets directly mapped into design of digital electronic circuit

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