Confirmed Employment Program in Advance VLSI

Confirmed Employment Program in Advance VLSI

Get confirmed job in Semiconductor/VLSI/EDA industry

For Electronics, Electrical Students & Professionals

Course Name: Advanced VLSI Course for Confirmed Employment

Duration: 6 Months

Entrance Test: 16 March 2018

About the Course: This program is designed to give confirmed job to Fresh graduates, VLSI postgraduates, professionals and Non-VLSI professionals who have a passion to work with Semiconductor/EDA companies.This course is one of its kinds to offer the job to students before completing the course. This course is the complete package of VLSI design and verification flow as per the current standard and requirement of companies.

Eligibility Criteria: VLSI Professionals or Fresh graduates from Electronics or Electrical Branch, who has completed any of the below Bachelor degree: B.Tech., M.Tech., B.Sc., M.Sc.

Terms & Condition:

  • Candidates can enroll for this course by registering here for an entrance test.

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About the Training:

  • This training is completely dedicated to provide thorough understanding of all advanced VLSI concepts, fortified through detailed analysis of synthesis, simulation using specially designed reference code.
  • RTL design and advanced verification techniques towards enhancing the reliability, performance and area that are key factors towards building a successful career in the VLSI field.
  • Hands-on labs, mini/major projects dedicated towards developing a systematic design and verification approach.
  • Basic RTL synthesis and gate level netlist schematic analysis sessions which help in developing a hardware implementation perspective on top of HDL.
  • Thorough understanding of how to convert gate level netlist in to MOS transistor level with detailed explanation of fabrication process.

Course Objectives

This course of advanced VLSI is dedicated towards the job guarantee in front-end or back-end.

During this course curriculum, our industry experienced instructor will train you to:

  • Build in-depth knowledge on Digital, Verilog, VHDL, Synthesis, System Verilog, UVM and CMOS along with frequently asked interview question.
  • Have deeper understanding of key aspects like
    • Low power design of RTL and its synthesis
    • Static Timing analysis
    • synchronization
    • FSM's
    • Issues at CMOS level
  • Build sound knowledge on fundamentals of
    • Verification with assertions and coverage metrics
    • Industry bus protocols
    • Development of UVM verification component.
    • Gain sound familiarity with working in a professional VLSI environment that includes Linux operating system and usage of Perl scripting language for automation and Questasim/NCSim for simulation.
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