It's our strategic movement towards academia, "To create professionals for strong, sustainable, balanced social and economic growth."

Our intention is to become a centre of excellence and produce job-ready resources, rather create earnable resources in collaboration with universities.

The growing skills gap and fierce competition for global talent have prompted us to develop partnerships with universities specifically aimed at modernising teaching and learning. The partnership itself becomes a groundbreaking experiment in developing new skills for a next-generation workforce and a conduit for future recruitment of top talent.

Our groundbreaking approach involves partnerships that establish a multi disciplinary research institute in which industry researchers and academics pursue solutions to complex, systems-level problems that require cross-disciplinary expertise.

The creation of high-profile multi disciplinary institutes can help break down traditional academic silos by creating incentives for new areas of research, seeding new courses of study and multi disciplinary degree programmes, while also driving innovation. And hence increasing role industry can play to modernise curricula, improve the knowledge base and skills of future graduates and foster economic competitiveness.

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